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ulyssescooper - Sab Gen 26, 08:16:26
Oggetto: Set a reasonable conversion rate that you
Own your inventory you promote. This way you may give real life
experiences about the goods and services. It more believable any time writing reviews from experience all this increases conversion rates. BOTTOM LINE: Calculating your conversion rates could be meaningless if you cannot determine whether you will be improving or not.

Adhere to a period of test and be consistent. Case, one month, two 2 or 3 weeks etc. Whichever is suitable for you. Calculate for in which period. Compare with the prior period or the subsequent period. Make changes to your
pages and test for a second time. By testing you will know what works.

Also if there is any industry standard conversion rate (especially for your sales conversion rate), compare your rate on the industry standard. By comparing you should understand whether you are succeeding or not. Or you'll be able to set objectives for
yourself. Set a reasonable conversion rate that you would like to attain within a clear period and do it.

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